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Best Boys Cool Tech Gifts That Will Blow Your Mind

Cool tech gifts are deeply associated with joy, merriment, and love, and what is all that happiness without a little element of surprise. Whether it’s boys or girls, every kid in the family is desperate to open his gift and wants to judge from the wrapping as soon as the gifts are placed under the tree. Seeing their expressions changing from smile and sparkling eyes to amazement and finally, utter happiness is a significant part of the holiday season which makes it super fun.

Especially that the gifts need to be different every single year, aligning with the changing interests of the kids. That being said, shopping is comparatively easier for girls than for boys. They would want something that lasts longer in the limited range of products that usually revolve around tech. So, here, we have assembled the best gifts for boys that will definitely blow your mind!

1. Echo Show 15

A 15.6″ full HD screen display presents an excellent size to take pictures, make to-do lists, set reminders, and stream videos. See all the compatible devices together on the home app with one fingertip touch. The multiple layers of privacy controls enhance the overall experience even more.

2. COSORI Smart Air Fryer

When it comes to choosing gifts for kids, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a card game or a t-shirt. You can go for a practical gift such as this air fryer. The special thing about this fryer is its remote monitoring feature. Imagine the ease of handling the fryer remotely using an app! This air fryer is definitely a cool gift option for all boys. It offers customizable features, reminders, and works with phone assistants such as Alexa as well.

In addition, you get to have 100 mouth-watering recipes with this air fryer. Moreover, you can get more recipes if you download the Vesync app. The fryer is a breeze to clean since it is both dishwasher safe and BPA free.

You can bid adieu to undercooked food because this fryer works on a 360 heat circulation mechanism. Meaning, the food is cooked from all sides, evenly.

3. iRobot Roomba Automatic Dirt Disposal

This would be a perfect gift to clean and that also in a fun way. The device allows it to empty itself for up to 60 days, so if you forget, it can clean up for you and for itself. Its powerful performance is supported by its superior power-lifting suction, 3-stage cleaning system, and smart mapping.

The technology intelligently maps your home and navigates itself throughout the house to clean every corner. Being compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, it offers personalized schedules and starts cleaning at the sound of your voice. Especially if you have a home with pets, this gift would be a blessing for the entire family.

4. Yoolax motorized blind for windows

Make pulling your blinds up easy and super fun with this motorized blind. The durable double-sided fabric has three thick layers which are great for noise reduction and insulation. The beautiful design makes it suitable for every living room or business area to prevent the sunlight from coming in and keep it as cool as possible.  It has a smart motor that is connected with Google Assistant and Alexa. This might not be a traditional gift but wouldn’t let your little boy stay away from the remote. It is one of the best cool tech gifts to give your boy which would bring a drastic improvement in the house’s overall appeal.

5. Kasa Smart Plug

This is not your regular, boring plug but a smart and engaging one. It controls all the appliances at your home with the command of your voice through Google Assistant or Alexa. The hands-free convenience of this plug is one of the best features of this device. This might not be the traditional kind of gift idea that all kids love, but it for sure is fun and cool. With this plug, you can turn the electronics in your house on and off whenever you want, wherever you are with the touch of your phone via the Kasa app. With a simple connection to Wifi, use this plug to turn on the music, humidifier, lamps, etc. This is surely one of the most awesome and cool tech gifts.

6. Echo Frames

If your boy wears glasses, these super cool frames would be one of the best gift ideas that you can consider. And when we say cool, we don’t just refer to the style but the bunch of features that it includes.  Get hands free to make calls, listen to music, set reminders, or schedule to-do lists with these echo frames. Its open-ear audio adjusts the volume of the music automatically as per the environment that you are currently present in. They are lightweight, convenient, and present the most seamless way to keep in touch with your contacts. Being splash-resistant, it makes it easy for boys to wear it all day long. The amazing battery life allows you a talk time of about 2 hours and a media playback of about 14 hours a day. For teenage boys, this is a far better gift than a lego set that will get tired of soon.

7. Salu smart window cleaner robot

It is equipped with a three-way automatic cleaning mode which allows it to clean the entire window by itself. It can be easily controlled with a remote controller or app and has a built-in powerful vacuum motor that makes deep cleaning suitable for all kinds of glasses, tables, floors, etc. It saves you a great load of time with this quick and efficient functionality and ensures that the work is automatically finished, providing the output you desire. Instead of a star wars game, this would be a highly useful gift for your boy.

8. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

We are big fans of this spectacular mug that works smartly to enhance your relaxing time and take it to another level. This temperature control mug keeps your tea or coffee warm for around 1.5 hours with its long-term battery life. The charging coaster keeps the temperature accurately to the level you desire. You can control the mug with your smartphone by setting the required temperature, receiving notifications, and much more. The mug automatically goes into sleep mode if empty or remains inactive for 2 hours. This mug can be your ideal partner during bath time when you want to keep yourself fully pampered. Ensure that the mug is hand-washed only.

9. LEVOIT air purifier for home

This latest version air purifier is one of the good housekeeping gifts that is designed to filter out the toxicity from the air and keep you as healthy as possible. Its amazing performance, long lifespan,  and high-efficiency purification make it an amazing choice for all homeowners. The high-efficiency activated carbon filters capture all large particles from the air and turn your environment contaminant-free. It’s quiet operation allows you to have a deep, sound sleep at night without any noise. You can also turn the lights off from the display off button and have a night of uninterrupted sleep. For cool tech gifts, this would be a highly useful gift coming from the parents.

10. LEVOIT humidifier for bedroom

This powerful humidifier is specially designed for large bedrooms in winters. The humidification of this device is 4 times faster than the others and ensures the alleviation of all allergies, congestion of dry skin. It automatically adjusts the mist level to balance the humidity level of your room. The wallpapers, floors, and especially the skin of your kids can be highly compromised by dry air. But with this cool tech gift, you can wave all troubles goodbye in the winters as your boys will stay happy and healthy. They might be looking for a game to play, but this gift will ensure their wellness.

11. Honeywell dehumidifier

This dehumidifier is perfect for large rooms up to 4000 sq. ft. It works extraordinarily to remove about 70 pints of moisture from the air and protect your walls, curtains, furniture, and appliances.  The appliance is compatible with Alexa voice command which makes it easy to use and versatile to be operated from anywhere. You can adjust the fan-speed settings and humidity levels at your convenience. It is equipped with detachable water tanks and durable air filters to ensure optimal operation. When it comes to giving your kid gifts, this will be in favor of good housekeeping that will facilitate the entire family.

12. Atomi smart wi-fi portable tabletop space heater

While your kid might be expecting a perfect game or a harry potter shirt that usually all kids love, this unconventional gift will surely blow their minds. This tabletop space heater can be controlled anytime with your phone with a single touch. You can change the temperature, turn it off or on, set schedules and command it all with your voice via Alexa or Google assistant. It is designed with a large screen panel with manual control buttons, is easy to handle, and quickly heats up the environment up to 70 degrees in 2 seconds flat. Instead of power treads, this would be one of the best gifts for kids.

13. Dhyana meditation ring

The holiday season is all about happiness and fun. Most of us want it more to be interlinked with relaxation and there’s no better way to track that other than this meditation ring. This wellness tracker device ensures you make meditation your regular habit. The HRV sensors and 7-day active battery time make it easy to carry around and super-efficient. With this ring help yourself unwind, refocus, relieve stress and anxiety. It is an ideal way to regain your balance and stay well. It is easy to carry, improves your insights about your performance while meditating, and allows you to meditate anywhere, anytime. 

14. Google Nest Thermostat

When looking for the best gifts for kids, this can be an amazing choice to consider. Instead of normal harry potter games, give them something that benefits them and the entire home. This smart thermostat helps you save energy and stay comfortable in your room. It is designed to work without a C wire in most of the houses. The device turns itself down whenever you leave the house and creates an energy-efficient schedule for your home on your phone. It comes with remote control through which the family members can change the temperatures and is super easy to install.

15. Ecobee Lite Smart Thermostat

Encourage your kids to focus on savings with this amazing smart thermostat that helps you save 23% annually on your heating and cooling costs. Use your phone, whether iOS or Android, to control the device. Its smart sensors manage the cold and hot spots to enhance comfort and ensure to pause the heating or cooling system as soon as it detects an open window or door. It is a seamless way to integrate smartness into your home.

16. Heat Storm Infrared Heater

This wall-mounted heater has wifi enabled so that you can control the temperature from your phone, no matter where you are in your house. Mounted in the wall means the heater won’t be taking up the space on the floor, keeping it spacious. If you have kids of ages 3, you always need to be extra careful about them being near the heater but with the wall mounting, you can wave all your worries goodbye. The unit stays cool to touch, so does the wall which makes it safer. When thinking of gifts for your kid, this can be a wonderous one for the whole family.

17. ObVus Solutions-minder, posture trainer

For kids of ages 3 and above, it is extremely important for them to keep the correct posture. The obVus solutions make your progress easily trackable. It acts as a breathing coach, posture trainer, and break reminder to improve your overall health. It ensures to optimize your breathing by providing visual feedback which leads to a significant reduction in stress.

This customizable and easy-to-use device develops a habit in you to fix your posture and perform breathing exercises. When it comes to giving your teenage boys cool tech gifts, there can’t be a better one than this.

18. Smart wifi table lamp

Make the lighting in your house more fun and cool with this smart wifi table lamp. Being compatible with Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant you can control your lamp with your voice. You can adjust the colors, brightness, and mode of light as per the time and your mood. It can be controlled through your app as well, and you can set schedules and timers for the lamp to automatically go off. For teenage boys who need schedules, this is one of the best cool tech gifts.

19.  Apple Airtag

This Bluetooth-connected Apple airtag allows you to keep track of all your devices in the Find My app. You can set it up easily following a simple procedure by connecting Airtag with your iPhone or iPad. It is equipped with a built-in speaker to conveniently find your things or just ask Siri to locate them for you.

Put the Airtag in the lost mode for it to automatically notify when it is detected in the Find My Network. The communication in Find my Network is encrypted to ensure ultra safety and security. It is splash, water, and dust resistant making it easy to clean and carry.

20. SMAAIR Smart Ceiling Fan

In a world where we are rapidly moving towards a smart home, why should you keep boring fans? With this smart ceiling fan, you can activate the fan with your voice or the remote control. You can control the fan no matter where you are through your phone, adjust its speed and brightness, and turn it off or on as per your requirement.

The ceiling fan comes with lights that are damp-rated and add sophistication to any room, lounge, or office space. It delivers super powerful airflow being as quiet as a whisper which makes it even more impressive, while the energy efficiency adds more value to its functionality. For cool tech gifts, this shouldn’t be left out.

21. Nanoleaf rhythm edition smarter kit

Turn your favorite song into the dancing symphony of color with this ultra-cool rhythm addition smarter kit. This kit knows how to create an ambiance full of fun and joy. The model includes a built-in motion sensor that automatically picks up a song. You can connect up to 30 light panels on the controller and set up customized color animations with your voice command. The device is compatible with iOS, Google Assistant, Alexa, IFTTT, and the Apple Home app. Get your kids to have fun and throw awesome parties later with one of the best gifts.

22. SCHLAGE smart deadbolt with alarm

There is nothing more important than home security so this cool tech gift, ensure your children’s safety by gifting them this amazing smart deadbolt with an alarm. Pair it up with the Z wave smart home or other security systems, for example, ring alarm to lock and unlock it no matter where you are.

Use your voice command to operate the lock for the Z wave smart home. Otherwise, it is also compatible with Alexa. The device is easy to install which makes the setup quick and efficient. It has a fingerprint-resistant touchscreen to allocate around 30 different access codes instead of struggling with spare keys.

23. Echo Dot Smart Speaker with Alexa

Turn up the party mode with the Echo Dot smart speakers. Enjoy the top-quality music with the louder and richer sound of these speakers. Control the music of the speakers with your voice and stream all your favorite songs from Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music, Sirius XM, and many others.

You can adjust thermostats, lock the doors, create schedules, or turn on or off the lights as per your requirement. You can also connect it to other hands-free devices and call your family or friends and have top-quality audio calls. The device is designed to protect your privacy so you won’t ever have to worry about losing your substantial information.

24. Ring Video Doorbell 3

Make your doorbell interesting and enticing by adding enhanced features to it. This is a 1080 HD video doorbell that allows you to see, hear, and speak to anyone outside your door through your tablet or phone. This latest model doorbell motion sensors, audio privacy, and privacy zones with wifi connectivity.

It is equipped with a rechargeable battery or you can connect it to the doorbell wires for constant power. You can also subscribe to the Ring Protection Plan in which you can record all the videos and review them for more privacy. This is an excellent way to improve your home’s smartness plus safety.

25. Level Lock Smart Lock

Level Lock Smart Lock is made to have the smallest design possible to hide the technology on the inside of the door. All you need to do in order to lock or unlock is touch with the finger, use a key card, utilize the app or a key. The design is made to work well with android and iOS. The simple installation and high-level privacy make it the best cool tech gift for boys.

26. Atomic smart wifi coffee maker

We all need to fuel our bodies with energy every morning and this smart coffee maker just enhances the overall experience. Its strong wifi connection keeps you connected to the coffee maker through your phone to get notifications throughout the day. Its versatile design can be manually activated as well as with your voice. This strong product for users provides a 12-cup capacity. When it comes to gifts, make it fun with this smart coffee maker.

27. Hatch Restore-sound machine

Help your kids sleep better with this amazing sound machine. Set up a personalized sleep schedule to sleep on time and wake up refreshed. Create your liked mood by setting up the sounds and light and enjoying the soft-glow reading light. Relax your mind with the amazing meditation stories that it offers and control the sound machine via the app or touch.

28. Prelit Christmas tree

Christmas holidays can never begin without lightening up a Christmas tree and the rainbow LED lights on the tree takes the entire experience to a different level. The colors and the music on the tree can be adjusted as per your choice or you can simply control it through the control box. The colors on the tree change as per the rhythm being played which makes it all more exciting. This 6ft Christmas tree is a perfect fit for your lounge that is guaranteed to add charm to the entire Christmas fest. It is easy to set up, easy to store, and a perfect way to decorate your home. So, when it comes to Christmas gifts, parents must consider this.

29. Smart heated electric throw blanket

We all need a comfortable and cozy blanket to watch our favorite TV show at night. This smart heated electric throw blanket would be one of the best gifts to give your kids to enjoy a cozy sleep at night. You can use your voice command along with a smart device or your phone to adjust the heat settings. This wifi-controlled throw is made up of 100% polyester and is machine washable. When it comes to fun gifts,  give your kids presents like these instead of games that aren’t going to last that long.

30. BOND- add wifi to ceiling fan, shades or fireplace

BOND is a spectacular product that turns your ceiling fan, fireplace, or Somfy shades smart within a second. Control the fan speed, turn on the lights and fan using your phone, tablet, Google Home Assistant, or Amazon Echo. BOND can control up to 30 ceiling fans from one central location. The installation of the device is super quick and simple, you just have to plug in the device, download the app on your phone and point the remote of the fan to the BOND and you are done. This is an amazing device that every home should have as a must.

31. Click and Grow smart garden

There is nothing better than homegrown vegetables and inculcating love for plants in your children can be a way better gift for your boy rather than a Nintendo switch. This click and grow smart garden ensures to give life to all your indoor plants with energy-efficient LED grow lights. No matter what the weather, you can grow anything and everything in this. If you have kids of ages 6 or above, it is an excellent time to fill them with a love for plants.

32. Govee Bluetooth Digital Hygrometer

If you have to shop for boys these holidays, give them a gift that is beyond what they could imagine. This smart hygrometer is equipped with amazing smart features such as measuring temperature and humidity levels. With its humidity sensors, 3-inch LED screen, and smart app alerts, you can enjoy a reliable and easy way to measure indoor humidity. The free data storage allows you to curve 20-day graphs and export data from the past 2 years to keep track.

33. Instant Pot Smart Electric Pressure

Boys don’t usually have the patience, energy, and time to cook. So, if you need to shop for them for a gift, this would be a far better choice than a Nintendo switch.  It cooks all the delicious meals fast and allows you to keep a check on the progress of the food on your phone through the app. It holds the capacity to cook for six people at the same time, has advanced safety protection, and comes with all the accessories needed to cook a tasty meal. For more information, it is durable and dishwasher-safe, which makes it an ideal choice. If you are gifting any of your friends who live alone, this is what you should go for.

34. Revolution Toaster

Gift your friends, family members, or kids this 2-slice toaster. It is 35% faster than the other toasters, locks in 30% more moisture than the rest, and showcases a beautiful design to add a better look to your kitchen. It comes with an interactive touchscreen and countdown clock which makes it fun and engaging. When it comes to giving a toast this holiday, this toaster will make sure it is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

35. Govee Bluetooth Wireless Meat Thermometer

How can a holiday go complete without meat and this wireless meat thermometer makes it a hundred times easier and more fun. It ensures that the meat is being cooked at the perfect temperature and turns on the alarm if it falls out of range. You can conveniently monitor the temperature of the meat with a remote while sitting far away. The smart thermometer presents detailed but easy-to-read temperature data to track the performance for the past 2 hours. Including this meat thermometer in your world of cool tech gifts, cooking your meat can be way more effective.

36. The Lyric Therapeutic Massager

Getting a therapeutic massage after a long and tiring day is a desire for most of us. This smart, electric massager relieves all your stress and provides a customized message as per your body’s requirements. Its sleek design and intuitive touchscreen enhance the overall experience while its portability makes it comfortable and easy to carry around. The soothing massage ensures to fill you with relaxation which makes it a must-have.

37.  Ray-Ban stories smart sunglasses

Capture the world with an immersive experience through these smart sunglasses. These glasses allow you to capture high-resolution videos and photos staying hands-free. It also includes discrete open-ear speakers allowing you to take a call. The Facebook Assistant voice control enables you to take a call, pause a song, or record a video without having to stop by. You can easily import the content and make it totally unique. When it comes to choosing fun gifts for boys, nothing can be better than these sunglasses.

38. Bestand Po Posture Corrector

This strapless posture corrector ensures to remind you to fix your posture and keep your back straight all the time with a gentle vibration reminder. The device is synced with the app on your phone which allows you to keep daily track of your performance. It includes a training mode to improve your posture and develop a habit gradually. The tracking mode keeps you updated about your progress of performance after every session daily. Kids of all ages need this reminder way more than the games that we usually gift them with every year.

39. Oho sunshine water-resistant video sunglasses

These waterproof video recording sunglasses allow you to record 4K resolution video with audio. It is made up of flexible material which is easy to wear and carry around whenever you plan to go hunting, fishing, or traveling. The one-touch button operation allows you to record videos or capture photos with only a push of a button. The glasses can be charged within 60 minutes but you can keep a power bank to do it whenever it seems fit. The built-in 128 Gb memory and 20-hour video time make it an excellent choice to go for. 

40. HidrateSpark steel smart water bottle

Kids of ages 8 or above are always in search of fun and stylish water bottles to keep and this is guaranteed to meet all their expectations. The water bottle is smart enough to track your water intake and glows at the bottom to remind you to hydrate itself. The variety of colors and the capacity of 17 ounces of water makes it a perfect choice for a gift for all boys.

41. Dynotag SuperAlert smart medical ID

This smart medical ID gives you instant access to all vital medical information to the personnel who need an emergency view of your medical profile.  Whether it’s a doctor or a pharmacist, your information remains easily accessible in the safest and secure manner to view whenever you require it. It is easy to use and comes with a warranty, making it an ideal choice.

42. RENPHO Bluetooth measuring tape

This smart tape measurement presents your progress over a graph. The lines and numbers are easy to read and measure accurately. It comes with a large LED screen and is connected to the app on your phone which avoids all hassle and chances of error. Whether you’re gaining more muscle or reducing weight, this Bluetooth measuring tape ensures to be multi-functional for all enthusiasts.

43. RENPHO bathroom wireless wight scale

The renpho weight scale possesses the latest technology which successfully calculates 13 key body composition metrics. The scale allows you to track your weight progress on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. The scale is in sync with the app that lets you monitor and analyze your body’s components in order to reach your goal.

44. Amazon eero 6 dual-mesh wifi

This whole-home wifi covers an area up to 5000 sq. ft., providing a speed of 500 Mbps. You can stream 4K videos, play games, or attend meetings without having to endure the frustration of buffering. It supports up to 75+ devices which explains the efficiency of the system.  You can easily set it up within a couple of minutes and it keeps your network safe and secure. This would be one of the best cool tech gift ideas to consider.

45. Ring Indoor Cam

This compact plug-in indoor camera allows you to see, hear, and speak to people from your tablet or phone. You can connect this cam or multiple other cameras to your ring app on your phone and keep an eye on the entire house from your room. With Ring Protect Plan you can playback your videos and photos from the previous 60 days. Take the security of your home up a notch with this amazing gift.

46. Brilliant Smart Home Control

This smart home control is Alexa compatible and comes with touchscreen panels to make it easy to control for boys of ages 6 or above. The panel is equipped with a built-in camera with privacy shutters and a motion sensor. Smart lighting is another exciting feature that can be controlled through voice, touch, app, or motion detector. It is an amazing gift for a boy.

47. Echo Show 10 (3rd gen)

Whether you want to listen to music, set timers, watch the news, or check recipes, the HD start display is guaranteed to provide you with an impressive experience. Being compatible with Alexa, you can ask her to dim the lights, adjust thermostats, or check security cameras in an instant. This will be your memory displayed, kitchen companion, and a bundle of entertainment at all times. Boys are guaranteed to fall in love with this gift within no time and have fun.

48. Star Projector

This smart projector displays a galaxy light all over the room to create a mood. you can choose the colors you want to be displayed, set timers, and alter scene models as per your choice by authorizing Alexa. It is equipped with Bluetooth and is USB risk readable which increases its value even more. Have an amazing party with a starry night blend and pop music to make your night even better.

49. Echo Dot Kids

This wonderful speaker is compatible with Alexa which is specially made for kids. It helps kids to learn how to set alarms, take help for homework, and ask Alexa questions. It is super kids-friendly to enable kids to navigate it easily. It includes easy-to-use parental controls to set limits on the browsing and usage of kids. The 2-year warranty speaks for the reliability and credibility of the brand.

50. Self-healing and self-changing 4-gallon trash can

Boys are all about technology and while they have this deep interest in the department, why not gift them something that supports cleanliness, hygiene, and smartness? This electric trash is extremely popular for its self-changing powers which happen with just a touch of the button. Teenage boys are usually irritated by being asked to take out the trash or change the bins. This trash can is built with a motion sensor that keeps you from touching the bin.

For a smart home, this is an excellent addition to your kitchen or your bedroom. The stylish design, easy storage, and premium quality make it a must-have. It consists of about 25 durable and recyclable bags, comes with one refill ring, power adapter, and manual.


What would a 12 year old boy want?

Echo frames would be a classic gift for a 12 years old boy. They are stylish, smart, and super fun to use. The long battery life, compatibility, and hands-free features make it ideal. 

What do I get my 10 year old son?

The obVus solutions posture trainer would be a perfect gift for boys of ages 10 or above. Since kids of this age are all studying and engaged with gadgets, a constant reminder to fix the posture is significant.

What should a 9 year old get?

A 9 old boy would love a smart table lamp to set schedules, to-do lists, and timers. The smart wifi table lamp would be a perfect and cool tech gift.

What does a 7 year old boy want?

The Echo Dost Kids is a wonderful cool tech gift for kids ages 7 or below. Taking help for homework and setting to-do lists helps children get a better understanding of technology within restricted use.

What would a 12 year old boy want?

A 12 year boy would be thrilled to get an Echo Show 10 for a cool tech gift. The feature-packed device will keep him amused at all times. 

What is the best gift for a boy?

When it comes to choosing a gift for a boy, the Oho sunshine water-resistant video sunglasses present themselves to be a stellar gift. Being able to capture high-resolution videos and pictures and make calls with a single touch is a total mind-blower.

What does a 10 year old boy want?

The Ray-Ban stories smart sunglasses are a spectacular choice for a 10 year old. it supports convenience, connection, and an immersive experience no matter where you are.

What is the best gift for a 15 year old boy?

Being an older boy, Dhyana meditation ring would be a perfect choice. Let your boy rewind, relieve stress, and regain focus for a new day with this exceptional device.

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