Dal disco esterno al cloud
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From external disk to cloud. The solution is called Cubbit

All you need is a router. This is what you need to direct all files from the external disk to the cloud. The idea comes from a group of young Italians, based in Bologna for accuracy. A digital and innovative startup that has already won numerous awards and awards. We’re talking about Cubbit. Not simply the name of the startup, but also the smart device designed and built by the members of this fantastic team.

No limit for switching from external disk to cloud

Thanks to Cubbit, you can connect a memory without limits. External hard drives transform into clouds thanks to this precious smart device, the child of the IoT world. The secret? A router. The costs? Lowest ever: there’s talk of all-you-can cloud. An eye-catching and definitely winning formula on a market increasingly hungry for space, security and technology. With Cubbit, the more memory you add to your cloud and the more the price drops. This service can be up to 0.99€ per month!

The Birth of Cubbit

An Italian startup born in Bolognese lands in July 2016. Study and development of the project were the staples of the 4 founding members. And it is thanks to these guys, Alessandro Cillario, Marco Carabettini, Stefano Onofri and Lorenzo Posani, that you will be able to transport numerous files from the external disk to the cloud. Italian boys moved by curiosity, desire for discovery and experimentation. Cubbit is a highly technological and innovative service, already winning numerous awards, awards and nominations.

Discovering a smart device called Cubbit

Cubbit is a smart device that thanks to the connection to a router, can transform external hard drives into a cloud space. How? Thanks to the connection between Cubbit and a router. A paid service really low cost, but of very high quality. The real innovation from the user’s perspective is cost policy. With Cubbit, the more cloud space you use and the less you pay. In concrete terms, this is a true technological innovation, based on a deployment that eliminates proprietary datacenters hosting the cloud. All files saved in the cloud are broken, encrypted, and distributed over a peer-to-peer network. Access is strictly reserved for the user. Even Cubbit owners don’t own the ignition key.

The world of the Internet of Things is populated with solutions that are increasingly smart and close to the needs of a wide target of users.
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