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Latest generation smart kettle: well arrived IKETTLE

Dear fans of herbal teas, infusions and teas, the world of the Internet of Things has thought of you. iKettlewas born, the latest generation kettle that activates via apps. Goodbye wait to get hot water. A few clicks et voila, the water for your teas and herbal teas is ready. Thanks to the WiFi connection, you can give the power input to the kettle anytime, wherever you are. A smart and effective solution to optimize time and enjoy a regenerating hot drink break.

Features of iKettle, the latest generation of the Smarter

Designed and manufactured by Smarter, iKettleis a state-of-the-art kettle that even allows you to adjust the desired temperature of the water with one click. iKettle boasts a modern and minimal design, perfectly adaptable to every type of house. Simple to use, perfect for starting the day on the right foot. No matter where you are, just have your own smartphone, and access the app. This is available for both Android, and iOS operating systems.

Useful integrations to make the most of iKettle‘s technology

Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa? The one you prefer. iKettle interacts with both devices. You can ask Google directly to access your latest generation kettle. Alternatively, Smarter offers a wide range of IFTTT services that allow other smart objects to be connected and talked to each other. A smart and effective solution to have a smart home. Each new version of iKettle is also implemented and improved in order to offer more and more functionality and improve existing ones. The settings are fully customizable. There are different modes: home, formula and wake up. All aimed at improving the organization of your daily life. Alarms and notifications on your smartphone can be set according to your needs in just a few clicks.
iKettle is a latest generation kettle with a modern design. The base is small in size and fits perfectly into any decor. To have an increasingly smart home and experience everyday life optimizing times, to carve out moments of relaxation and rest, the objects of the world of the Internet of Things represent the perfect solution.

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