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Music to see and live: the innovation of MELODY VR

Music lovers will love the Melody VR app. You can enjoy a virtual concert experience, without having to purchase premium tickets. The virtual concert experience allows kids to enjoy the thrill of seeing their favorite bands and concerts from the comfort of their own home. Melody VR is the perfect choice, no matter if you are into pop or classical music. Download the app from Google Play to enjoy virtual reality music.

The Melody VR app is expected to be released this summer for all major VR headsets including Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, and Samsung Gear VR. It will be available for PlayStation VR as well as Google Daydream.

Melody VR has more than 6,000 hours worth of music. You can listen to individual songs or entire concerts of 90 minutes. Melody VR has agreements with major record labels and music producers to allow them to use their music. MelodyVR has partnered up with Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group as well as Sony Music Entertainment.

Melody VR is a relatively new app but it has some amazing features. It has a huge library of concert videos that includes over 1000 artists.

The footage is crisp and clear. It is compatible with both VR headsets as well as mobile devices. The app also offers free gigs to artists through the “On Stage” series. Livestreaming has become so popular that there is little quality control.

Music will no longer mean just listening, but will also be viewing in virtual reality. MelodyVR is the startup that will revolutionize the way you live music. Its mission is to integrate the auditory and visual component through the potential of virtual reality. It will be like witnessing a live concert firsthand. I mean, music to see. Close partnerships with manufacturers are of all respect. Sony Music Entertainment has also been added to the already confirmed Warner and Universal Music.

Virtual reality for music to see

Now that collaborations are defined, you only have to focus on developing the app and marketing it. Thanks to Melody VR it will be like attending a live concert, but where and when you want it. Comfortably on the sofa in the living room, on the way home — school — work, at the park. Virtual reality and development of the incredible world of the Internet of Thing are the two main ingredients of music to see. Simply download and install the MelodyVR app and wear one of the smart devices compatible with it. Whether the Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboards, Playstation VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or Google Daydream View. The important thing is that it is an augmented reality viewer.

… download the app!

Just follow this link to download the app available at the moment only for the most important VRs. Through smart devices and the app it will be so simple and immediate to attend real concerts by famous bands and singers. It will no longer be a problem not being able to buy a concert ticket.

Technology and innovation: all the way to conquering the IoT World of music!

The development and affirmation of the world of the Internet Of Things, we know, is the result of advancing technology and innovation. The continuous studies and projects carried out or about to be, allow us all to transform thoughts of future projections into real, concrete and above all, contemporary cases. If only until yesterday it seemed impossible to develop a product like the Melody VR app, today it is reality. Everyone can or will be the protagonists of virtual reality. Taking advantage of the incredible products of the Internet of Things every day.

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