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How to monitor glucose to stay in shape with SANO

The human body is comparable to an automobile. A set of components and gears whose parameters must be checked in order to avoid unpleasant inconveniences and accidents. But how to monitor glucose to make sure you’re okay? The answer comes from Sano, the smart device that processes data, analyzes and stores it. A smart object to keep your health and well-being under control.

Instructions on how to monitor glucose with Healthy

Every human body is unique. There’s no such thing as two people exactly alike This is why you do not need statistics, but personal data that can be customized according to your build and lifestyle. Sano detects the biometric information of each individual needed to understand their health status. But how to monitor glucose to always stay in shape? Sano’s App provides precise data on individual glucose levels and compares them to historical trends detected over time.

Healthy assesses the impact that a given dietary regime has on our organism. It accurately highlights the consequences and repercussions that diet causes on metabolism. In addition, it provides valuable guidance on the type of drink or food that is more in line with our lifestyle and glucose levels. In case of training or preparation for competitions and competitions, Sano is able to suggest which activities lead to a better result, without causing health problems.

Extremely sophisticated, ideal for anyone

The technology behind Sano is advanced and sophisticated. It is the easiest and safest way to continuously monitor your glucose levels. Completely painless, totally reliable. The sensor contained in Sano is covered by international patent and is a simple and easy to use device.

A smart object whose mission is to help people live healthier and more monitored lives. A concrete support for monitoring glucose, making conscious food choices and performing physical activities in line with your lifestyle. Sano is just one of many examples of smart devices targeting the Health Care industry. The world of the Internet of Things is particularly sensitive to human health issues and this is evidenced by the many intelligent objects on the market today.

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