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Vending and smart food dispenser: here’s PANTRY

In the lobby of a hotel, along university corridors, in public places such as hospitals and in spaces dedicated to trade fairs and exhibitions. Everywhere. At any time. Pantry ‘s mission is to sell sandwiches, salads, snacks. The vending and smart food dispenser allows food manufacturers to provide instant access to their fresh culinary preparations. How? Simple, through linear mechanical operation: choice, sliding, grip and delivery. A perfect smart item for catering companies. Pantry lets you sell 24/7 portions of fresh food to anyone who feels like it.

Much more than an automatic food dispenser

Pantry is all but a classic food vending machine. Thanks to the meticulous design of the development team, the cutting edge of the technologies employed and the innovation behind this intelligent object, the functions are many. In fact, the vending machine can be integrated with an app that allows you to have always updated dashboards about the manufacturer’s inventory. Graphics and analysis are available on sold, receipts and profits. A real software that can manage procurement.

Perfect in any place

Whether it’s a hospital, university, establishment, office or hotel, Pantry’s smart, vending food dispenser, it’s just perfect. It is able to offer always fresh and healthy food, as well as provide valuable nutritional indications. In addition to the advantages for users, it is also necessary to consider those of distributor owners, especially in economic terms. By adopting Pantry, in fact, there will be considerable revenue for less staff to employ.
Thanks to its characteristics, the food vending machine satisfies every single need of end-users.

Easy to install

Adopting Pantry is within anyone’s reach. Simply follow the few instructions in step by step. From unlocking the door via a pin, to loading the food on the different shelves, to get to the final sale. In short, a smart device that is really useful and interesting, as well as the other smart objects of the same category and that we present on our blog. All examples of how the world of the Internet of Things is making leaps and bounds to accompany us at every moment in our everyday life.

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